Atocha Mainnet

Atocha Mainnet Introduction

Atocha Protocol Mainnet is essentially the official version of the publicly run appchain (application specific blockchain) for the puzzle game community. In other words, all the transactions that took place on the protocol will forever be recorded on the blockchain itself like any other protocol. This includes the transfer of assets, creation of puzzles, solving a puzzle, sponsoring puzzles, claiming rewards and more.
A view of how the mainnet front end is from

Where to Find Atocha Mainnet?

You can view the Atocha Protocol Mainnet details:

Key Terminology Definition

Bridge: This is a bridging infrastructure for the users to cross the assets from Near Wallet to Polkadot JS Wallet as most of the appchain’s applications are to be connected via Polkadot JS Wallet.
Explorer: Similar to any other blockchain explorer like Etherscan, you can find the specific transaction through transaction ID to verify.
Anchor: As Atocha Protocol is part of the appchain hosted on Octopus Relay (side chain of Near Protocol), there should be a transactional record as well on the Near Protocol side. This is the part of records where Octopus Network is transacting with Near Protocol on behalf of Atocha Protocol.
Current Era: The running days of the appchain. 1 era equals 1 day.
Era Reward: This is the total rewards that will be distributed to the validators per day.
RPC Endpoint: An RPC (remote procedure call) endpoint is like a node’s address: it’s a URL which requests blockchain data can be sent to a specific site. You can understand it as a reader who helps you to convey and interpret the data from a record book.
Function Spec: This is a public record of all the function mechanisms that Atocha team has developed and is available in the current version of the protocol. This is essentially the function list that the protocol can perform.