Bridge ATO From Polkadot JS Wallet to Near Wallet

Users may want to trasnfer ATO from Appchain back to Mainchain so that they could execute functions like trade, swap, provide liquidity and farming.

How to Transfer ATO From Appchain (Atocha Protocol) to Mainchain (Near)?

  1. 2.
    Sign in with your Near Wallet that wants to receive ATO.
  2. 3.
    Copy your Polkadot JS wallet address to "From".
  3. 4.
    Insert the amount of Bridge Asset.
  4. 5.
    Click on "Transfer" and Approve the Transaction (cost a miniscule ATO Gas Fee).
  5. 6.
    Wait for a moment before the Bridge Transfer is complete. You may click on "History" at the top right corner to check the transaction.
Need more indepth tutorial? Here is a documentation by Octopus Network: