Atocha Validator & Delegator

How to become a Validator of Atocha Protocol?

First step is to head over to and click on the Register Validator button. Do make sure that you have at least 5,000 OCT in order to kickstart a validator node. A validator is essentially an entity that helps to ensure the security of the blockchain and in return, the appchain remunerate the validators with ATO. The total amount of rewards distributed per day can be checked on Era Reward.
Second step to complete as a Validator is to fill in the form. If you are a community leader, you can also accept delegation where the delegators trust you and delegate to your validating node.

How to become a Delegator of Atocha Protocol?

If you have limited budget but still wanted to be part of the validating community for Atocha Protocol, you can join in as Delegator. Then you can scroll down on and see a list of active Validators. Choose the one you are most comfortable with and trust that is accepting delegation.
Once you got it, click on the Validator and fill up this Delegation form. Make sure you have at least 200 OCT to delegate as that is the minimum. Once you are done, just hit delegate.