Atocha Points & Rewards

Atocha Point Redeem Period Length
Every 168 hours (1 week)
Every 168 hours, users will be able to redeem ATO with Atocha Points accumulated. Note: Only top 5 in the leaderboard will get to claim every week. Once redeemed, those not making to the top will have a chance.
Atocha Point Redeem Record Duration
12 era (day)
The record of AP redeemed will be kept on chain for 12 era.
Atocha Point Redeem Shortlist
5 slots (top 5 leaderboard)
Based on the user base, the slots will be adjusted accordingly for the weekly redeem.
ATO Issuance per Block
0.0992 ATO
This is the total ATO issued for every block that will be redeemed with AP on every week.
Atocha Point Generation Rate
Every 24 hours
Once the puzzle received sponsor, AP will start to be generated and updated every 24 hours.
Challenge Deposit Threshold
60% of Total Prize (ATO)
Every Challenge Deposit will need to be over 60% of the ATO Prize Value to become a valid Challenge.
Challenge Deposit Raise Duration
72 hours upon Challenge Initiated
Once Challenge is Initiated, it will last for 72 hours for the Judges to produce a verdict.
Storage Base Fee
1000 ATO
Basic storage fee which prevents exploitation on Arweave capacity use.